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Unlock the Power of Packaging Design

Designing Tips
Unlock the Power of Packaging Design
There are 6 key points to consider when creating packaging designs for a brand. Although there are many other things to be taken care of before designing, these 5 play a major role.

1. Clarity and simplicity:

The packaging should clearly convey the purpose of the product and the brand behind it.

What’s this product for? What’s the brand behind it?

Organic India Tea Packaging
Green tea by Organic India.
Silver Coin Packaging
Products by Silver Coin

2. Honesty:

It is important to accurately represent the product and not oversell it, as this can lead to disappointment and poor sales performance.

Kurkure Poofcorn, zigzag and corncups packaging
What you see on the packaging is exactly what you'll get.

3. Authenticity:

To stand out, the packaging should be different and authentic, rather than generic.

Consider using illustration or type-based design instead of product photography if it is a popular choice. If horizontal layouts are the norm, try using a vertical layout to stand out. If contemporary designs are common, try incorporating a retro aesthetic to add a unique touch. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and draw inspiration from unrelated product categories, such as spirit labels, for your chocolate packaging project. Remember to be bold and try something different.

Tasty Tales Packaging

4. Versatility:

The packaging design should allow for the easy introduction of new product variations or sub-brands.

Prestige Sharbati Packaging
Premium Range of Prestige Products
Complete Range of Prestige Products
Complete Range of Prestige Products
One key aspect of packaging design adaptability is accommodating different product sizes or variants without needing to completely redesign the packaging.

Another aspect of adaptability is being able to update the design without losing brand recognition. This allows the company to make changes to the design without alienating the customers and ensuring that they can still identify the brand and product easily.

5. Practicality:

The packaging should be practical, with the shape, size, and functionality of the container taken into consideration.

Heinz Sauce Packaging
The perfect packaging for a Ketchup company. [ HEINZ ]
There are many things one has to consider to keep the maximum "Shelf Impact". These 5 rules are the key elements which have to be there to create the perfect packaging for a brand.

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