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Tips for Beginner Designers

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Tips for Beginner Designers
To all the beginners out there struggling, I feel you. From understanding how to begin to what is important and what not? Do I have to be a good sketcher first? What software to start with? What design style should I opt to stand out? There are so many Great designers, will I ever be able to stand out?

So, here are answers to a few of your 'Ws' and 'H'.

1) First and foremost stop whining about all these questions, instead, take a step and start resolving them.

2) Your sketches should be good enough to self explain. It doesn't matter if you are a good sketch artist or not. Of course, being one is a great add on but it's not a drawback either. So don't mind if your sketches are not so fine. Although you should work on them so that you could explain your views through them.

3) Your perception/idea about something is more important. It is important to have a fine knowledge of tools but what's more important is to have a track of what's your view about everything. Let me explain, everyone has their own perception about everything in this universe, whether it's a half-full glass of water or aliens. So make a note of every idea that came across your crazy mind. Question your own perceptions and write down the conclusions. Meanwhile keep on learning all the tools you are interested in Ai, Ps, Ae or others.

( Note: You can learn all the tools or all the design styles or copy others but you and only you can express your ideas in the best way possible and that my friend is the original stuff you chase for. Don't worry about being not perfect in terms of design because perfection comes with constant efforts & on its own pace. No great designer has been a pro from the beginning. )

4) Observe and implement. Keep following good designers. Observe what in a poster or website or anything you see is attracting you towards it. Observe keenly. Try to implement that in your work either it's the colour palette or some other element. Practice as much as you can.

5) Last but not least. HAVE PATIENCE! It's the most important thing a designer must have. Learn and practice! Always try to finish the work you've started no matter how long it takes. Gather your patience and do a final round of providing your work with proper clean finishing, it always helps.

As finishing is just like garnishing a dish no matter how long it took to create it or how messy the process was.

So Have Patience!

Have a super enthusiastic day!