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"The customer is always right,"​ but I beg to differ.

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The Customer or client is not always right.

I know there's a popular saying that "The customer is always right," but I beg to differ.

A client or a customer, of course, knows more about their product, how it works, and so on, but that doesn't mean their decisions are always correct, which is where service-based companies or experts come in.

It is the expert's responsibility to guide them and explain the difference between what they believe is right and what is actually beneficial to them.

I understand when a business owner says, "I know my stuff better," and I agree, but when you hire a team or a freelancer, they also have expertise in their respective fields. It makes no difference whether the work is in design, development, consulting, or plumbing.

It is critical for field experts to communicate their thoughts to clients, even if they are uncomfortable doing so. If you don't give them your honest opinion because you're afraid they won't like it, you're not being honest with yourself or your client.The most important thing is that even after understanding everything, if the client wishes to proceed with their point of view, respect it and, of course, deliver it to the best of your ability.

Although this does not imply that you must always tell yourself or your team that the client is always correct, be transparent that he suggested this solution and help him in the best way possible.

Make sure you communicate this to the client as well.
When a designer gets an idea, when client think his idea is better than yours
Clarity of thought is essential between both parties. The client must comprehend, and respect the ideas of the team with whom they are collaborating even if he decides to go ahead with their own ideas.

This is the fundamental outlook and humility they must maintain.

The best way to solve any problem is to take the time to discuss the solution with the team you're working with, even if it is some external entity.